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About The Artist

Brook Tremper is an independent artist and illustrator who began painting as an intimate way to explore the wilderness of the heart. Her watercolor and ink paintings, often on the smaller scale, become focal points that gently remind, invite, settle and excite the viewer into an awareness of their own conscious and subconscious relationship to nature, self and memory. Soft color washes and lines flow in and out of recognizable forms while contradicting and blurring the boundaries between the abstract and physical world. Her works depict a mood that is now an object of nature, explored, held, felt, released and sometimes treasured by the viewer as evidence of the inner experience.

'This work touches me in a place I didn't know I needed to see.' -anonymous

'I identify with the emotional world in your work.' -anonymous

'This one is me. This is my heart.' -anonymous

Indeed, the beauty and lightness of her work holds a compelling and sometimes searingly painful openness. She is a champion for dismantling taboos around mental health through her own daily lived experiences. Her work has been shown at the Smith College Art Museum, The Southwest School of Art and Craft and Mount Holyoke College Art Museum and she has taught Early Visual Literacy at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art. She has studied with and learned from artists Leandro Soto, Jeannette MacDougall, Nathan Margalit, Joe Smith and Eric Carle. Brook's illustration of two people reaching across the landscape of a heart, titled "Hello" was featured in "Beyond Words Literary Magazine" Issue 7, October 2020.

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